I'm gonna be famous!

Fame! I'm gonna live forever. Well, we're gonna live forever. Celtic Studies at StFX is gonna be internet famous by this time next week.

Friday we spent a few hours recording ridiculous Welsh songs and rhymes and, after some futzing with titles and editing, le voila. We have our very own YouTube channel, with our very own YouTube subscribers and everything.



Music Shinies Meme!

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

bellatemple gave me S:

1. Safety Dance - Men Without Hats
2. Sosban Fach - Clwb Cymru
3. She Believes in Me - Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
4. Sunset Boulevard - John Barrowman
5. Senorita - Bond

Back to the intellectual salt mines.

Frickin' Fabulous

Curling is on in an hour! A Very Duggar Wedding is on tonight! Miss America is on right now!

I am such a couch potato. Or a bed potato, because I don't have a couch. I should have gone to get food or something, because all I have is licorice and chips. Om nom sour cream and onion.

Miss Michigan has such a strong accent. And Miss Iowa's boyfriend thinks her tractor is sexy. These are ridiculous introductions. "One Mississippi, two Mississippi, from the state that brought you the universal measure for keeping time, I am Miss Mississippi!" "Where country roads will always take you home, I am your mountain momma, Miss South Virginia!" Miss Texas believes that the higher the hair, the closer to God. Some of these girls actually aren't all that attractive. And they're wearing way too much bronzer. Miss Virgin Islands is smokin'.

When did this entry turn into a running commentary on the Miss America pageant?

Rita looks a thousand times better than Miss Tennessee. I call shenanigans!


. . . holy crap I just fangirled.

I think I need to go lie down.

I want a new mood theme. Any suggestions?

Kill them all.

I'm tired.

I'm very, very tired.

When I first went to bed an hour ago, I was so tired that I literally could not see straight. Couldn't read the words on my screen. There was music pumping from next door, but all the occupants of that suite had gone out for the night. So I tried to fall asleep to Barbie Girl and Lisa Brown. And I almost succeeded. And then the girls came back. And I thought, "Great, it is three-fucking-a.m., they're gonna turn off the music and go to bed."

Silly Denise.


Instead, I get Humping and Dumping: Coady MacNeil Edition. Outside my door. Against my door. Among the stellar bytes of loud drunken conversation I have overheard in the last half hour have been:

"I'm so, so sorry, but I really can't do this, I kinda totally have a thing for your roommate and I'm so so sorry."

"I will pay you six million dollars to open this door, right now." (N.B. 'this door' being my door)

"What the fuck is a penis proctor? Penis the proctor is on duty, that makes no fucking sense. Is it like a guy named Penis or a giant fucking penis as the proctor?" (Wash, rinse, repeat several more times)

"She is so gonna bang you tonight, dude!"

"Hold on, I'll be right there, I forgot panties!"

And many more.

I just want to sleep. Please, let me sleep.

On Writing

I hate writing. I hate writing so badly some times. I hate it like you can only hate something you love. It makes me scream, it makes me cry, it makes me sink into depression for days, it drives me up the wall, and I still love it so much.

I hate it.

Why don't I have Celtickier icons than Mystic Knights and King Arthur?

No one guessed Garibaldi/Lennier.

I have decided that this term is surreal. After that class on sodomy, yesterday we ended up making jokes about Jason's little slip of the tongue when talking about the Annals of the Four Masters. Coming soon to a back room near you: Anals of the Four Masters, starring Mitch Argyle. A Gille-cluich production. And yesterday's Welsh class was mostly spent dicking around on the BBC's Addysg section. Our homework was to play flash games and watch little movies of animated druids and bog men (although it was really adorable that the druid's antlers turn into question marks when he's confused).

This tradition has started. Usually just after Medieval Gaelic Religious Texts, Jason, Michel, and I end up gravitating towards the major crossroads for campus, in front of the library. And we'll chat. Today we stood there for an hour (I still can't feel my toes). We talk about classes, we talk about movies, we talk about books, we're massive nerds. We come up with ideas for comics and cartoons and videos and movies. We twist and pervert everything the Celtic department has taught us into our own warped creations, like mad Scottish scientists.

Today's crack? Bond. Seumas Bond. Double-oh-seachd. Scotland's greatest weapon. Thunderbarra, From Alba with Love, The Loch is Not Enough, Sporrans Are Forever, Never Say Llyfr Again.

Bond sheep. Picture a sheep trotting out of the water of a loch with a knife strapped to its hind leg, shaking the water out of its fleece. Sexily.

Poisoned-tipped kilt pin. Sporran loaded with lock picks, plastic explosives, and small rockets. A horse with an invisibility shield. Rocket-loaded saddle. All provided, of course, by the Welsh tech wiz Ll. Although it was pointed out that the Welsh Q would be P.

That last joke was super-nerdy.

I love being a Celtic Studies student. I just couldn't be this happy in any another discipline, I know it.

Also, not funny, but this site is really cool: Irish Script On Screen. It's the manuscript collections from a bunch of different universities and colleges in Ireland, including the Royal Irish Academy. It has scans of all the manuscript pages, and tons and tons of notes and information on all of them, including where to find editions of the text. It makes my nerdheart go squee. You can ask for a password to be allowed to get the really high-res images of the manuscripts, for transcription. It's run by the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies, which has two departments: Celtic Studies and Physics.
geek will inherit the earth

Stol'd from slartibartfast

Still in exile. Still sick. Still cold. Still everything. Have a meme!

!Pick up to 15 OTPs.
!Describe them in less than 15 words.
!Have your flist guess the OTP.

1. Unexplained breakfasts together, divine showers, one was brainwashed and everything the other hated. In space. - Ivanova/Cmdr Whorebag Talia (Babylon 5) electronic_emo
2. Hotshot Naval lawyers, I know they don't get together but they're adorable when they flirt. - Mac/AJ (JAG) electronic_emo
3. One literally gave up their life to save the other (and was a sarcastic virgin) in space. - Ivanova/Marcus (Babylon 5) nanashi_sama
4. One was a misogynistic Chinese widower at fifteen, one a bouncy "American" former street kid. - Duo/Wufei (Gundam Wing) puffinmuffin
5. If one only had a heart, and one only had a brain. - Cain/Glitch (Tin Man) ladykittykatwku
6. Tough colonel dealing with heartbreak and the nerdy disgraced professor who saved them. - Jack/Daniel (SG1) ladybug218
7. They're sixteen, life is sweet, they hang out together (and do pottery Ghost-style).
8. They built a Ninja together, they're different species but their bosses made it work.
9. British likes to blow things up, southern playboy likes to make things run. In space! - Trip/Malcolm (ST: Enterprise) nanashi_sama
10. Blond, evil, prattish. Bumbling, heroic, green thumb. They do magic! - Draco/Neville (HP) foreverrhapsody

That was actually kinda hard. So I only did ten.
lesboid love

All dykes on deck.

In yesterday's entry, I forgot to mention caitlin_chan's affection for putting small things into larger things. More specifically, putting many, many, many small things in a larger thing. Like, for example, groceries into a fridge. Or my entire life into a Civic Honda.

Last night when loading the truck, the first time I came down with a load, Caitlin had just dropped off a few boxes.

The second time I came down, she was directing the truck guy from the ground.

The third time, she was in the truck. No one was surprised.

She even made a space specifically harp-sized for Maddie's harp. I'm sure that Caitlin managed to get three times the amount of stuff into that truck as the truck guys would have. And loved every minute of it.

In other news, I have a cold. Am miserable.
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