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Either way, bad for Desmond.


Is that not the cutest thing ever? So cute I had to show it twice.

Had a really weird dream last night. I think I have to stop watching Lost before bed.

Speaking of Lost! Okay, do has anyone heard my little bitch about how Lost is not the innovator of arced storytelling on TV and Babylon 5 did it first and they did it awesome and everything like that?

Lost has become Babylon 5, on an island - they even have Delenn/Rousseau!

I said to Rita that I half-expected Zathras to pop up any second to say that Desmond has become unstuck in time. And then about ten minutes later, Dan (who looks like a kid in the residence I work in) says "I'm going to unstick her in time." I nearly lost my shit. Desmond, by the way, is the Zathras of the island (brother), and Ben is Morden. I must stop drawing parallels now.

But speaking of Desmond, he was in this weird dream. So first I dream that I'm with some group of people and we're on a tour. It starts as Toronto and then turns into London. I realise that for some reason, they've built a dome over part of the city. Union Station is at the middle of the dome. And I am really upset by this piece of stupidity, so I start ranting away about the dome. And then one of the people on QI (which is now a call-in show) starts ranting at me about how my rant is totally off-base and I'm being ridiculous (how did the man in the television hear me anyway, is what I want to know) and then he starts in about how I'm blaming it all on equity and it isn't a new invention and I was arguing that yeah, it kinda is.

So after arguing with the television (I think it was Phil Jupitus?), we all go back to our hotel which is haunted (part of the dream was figuring out how to release the ghosts) and right across the street from this heritage building which had belonged to my grandmother. So I wanted to go back in and see the place where I had spent a lot of time as a kid. But they wouldn't let me and I was really upset, so Desmond tried to cheer me up by saying that we could go swimming and then stripped down - because apparently I hadn't yet realising in the dream that we were in a relationship and I was a gay male.

My subconscious is a strange, strange place.
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