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I has a happy!

Rita's here! Rita's heeere, finally, at last, it is so unreeeeeal and omgyay and she's here and she's in the tub right now so we are not cuddling but I have had two days of cuddles and wheee and yay! Busy couple of days, randomly all events must occur in the first few days of her visit, because we have nothing (except a couple hang-outs with friends) planned for next week. So looking forward to it. Omg yay.

Also, laptop died. The OS ran away and hid, because apparently it was all pouty that I was spending time with other things. I am taking it to the Buy More tomorrow, because it conveniently happens that the only Buy More in Nova Scotia is on the way to where we were going tomorrow anyway. Tomorrow is our daytrip into Halifax. We've already done wings, a double date to the theatre (Romeo and Juliet), ridiculous domesticity, the movie theatre is actually showing something I want to see. She is apparently magic, because my surgery wound is healing ridiculously quickly now. All in all? Damn good to be me right about now.
Tags: awesome wifey is awesome, just kickin' it

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